Content Commerce: The bridge between advertising and editorial content

In today's digital publishing landscape, where advertising is ubiquitous and consumers are increasingly skeptical, brands are looking for new ways to connect with their audience while maintaining their credibility. An effective solution to this dilemma is advertorials - a form of advertising that is seamlessly integrated into the editorial flow and offers readers added value in terms of content.

In the last quarter, we successfully integrated advertorials on,, and all other verticals. This innovative strategy allowed us to establish direct interaction with our customers and offer them relevant content. We've found that advertorials not only increase brand awareness, but also sustain consumer trust and loyalty. 

Creating compelling advertorials requires careful planning and execution. An important step is choosing a topic that is relevant to both the brand and the target audience. Advertorials should be informative and entertaining without seeming too promotional. A clear structure and an appealing writing style are crucial to engaging readers and getting their attention. 

It is important that advertorials are consistent with the rest of the editorial content of the website or publication in order to maintain their authenticity. Additionally, advertorials enable brands to authentically interact with the community by delivering informative and relevant content that provides real value to readers. 

In cooperation with Vodafone we recently launched a Advertorial on published. We focused on a topic that is of interest to all readers: the community costs associated with the Internet. Our collaboration with a renowned brand like Vodafone has not only raised our profile but also encouraged readers to delve deeper into the topic through targeted targeting. 

Advertorials offer brands an effective way to combine advertising and editorial content seamlessly and yet credibly. By creating informative and engaging content, brands can reach new audiences, gain their trust, and build long-term relationships. 


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